Thinking About Gifting during this Season….

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or some other observance around this time of the year do remember to buy local and support uniqueness and creativity from within your community..

Here’s what we have on our list:

Learning Swahili from African Heritage Centre in the heart of Ottawa;
Visit the Gateway to Africa or another country on the continent.
Take in a community celebration at the Annual Kwanzaa Celebration here in the Nation’s Capital; and to compliment all of these activities consider the following designers within our area that can assist in dressing you for the occasion:
The following piece has been caught our attention while we were creating this entry and could not leave it out. Enjoy!

December 24- Christmas Eve

This is also the 60th Anniversary of Independence for the country of Libya. Based on news reports from ANP/AFP this is the first time in approximately 42 years that the people commenced celebrations. To us this is democracy at work and we look forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for this abundantly rich nation on the continent of Africa.

Earlier this month (December, 12th)  Kenya celebrated its’ 48th Year of Independence and once again by all indications this was another joyous occasion.


Another One for History’s Pages

Fatou Bensoudas has been appointed as the next chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. This Gambian women is about to embark on a task that appears to be extremely difficult but achievable considering that most African countries fit the criteria required for using this body. Read more about Ms. Bensoudas’s rise to this point and some of the challenges she will face.

Canada creating jobs in Africa-Nigeria

Beauty is a multimillion dollar business and a Canadian company has been on the forefront of this venture in Nigeria for many years.  This piece is compliments of the In Focus – Business edition. Irregardless of your personal feelings  towards this specific piece one must say that this is a feel good story.

2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winners

October 7, 2011 – The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize recipients this year were women two from the continent of Africa and one from Yemen. This honour as been given to them as a result of their methods for dealing with tumultuous situations in their countries.

Nigeria’s 51st Independence Anniversary

October 1st, 2011- This is the 51st Independence Anniversary for Nigeria and following is a link from the VOA on the speech given by President Jonathan.


K’Naan Gets Bill Clinton’s Seal of Approval for Somalia Famine Relief Efforts

We are all aware of former President Bill Clinton’s work since leaving the White House but if you missed this from the closing of CGI; we thought it was worth a second look compliments of Youtube and The Free Voice of Somalia.


Another person who has left this place just that much better than she found it. As heard on the wire earlier today Environmentalist and Nobel Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai died in Kenya’s capital late Sunday after a long battle with cancer.

This is absolutely beautiful to see and dispels a lot of the things that we see.