The annual African festival, in Ottawa is to promote and preserve the finest traditions and values of the African culture in its entirety. The festival will showcase accomplished, new and emerging Artists in a forum where the public can experience exceptionally high quality performances, exhibits and exotic culinary presentations without leaving home (National Capital Region).

Pan AfriKan Coalition of Canada hosts the Ottawa African Music Festival. Our primary goal is to bring people of many backgrounds and cultures together, provide educative entertainment and create opportunities for cultural interactions.

The organization’s mandate is to:

• educate Canadian born children and other interested parties about the cultures of African peoples

• provide stimulating cultural exchange and creativity

• present and celebrate diverse music from a vibrant continent

• increase public knowledge and appreciation of African art, culture and traditions

• showcase the multicultural diversity of talents such as African Canadians, non-citizen Canadian based Africans, Aboriginal, culturally diverse Canadian and otherwise Marginalized Artists including Artist(s) with Disabilities.

• contribute to the social and cultural fabric of Ottawa.

• contributes to the creative diversity, cultural inclusion and cultural appreciation in our community and province.

The Ottawa African Festival, with a history of seven successful music festivals in Ottawa, contributes to the creative diversity, cultural inclusion and cultural appreciation in our community and province. Through simple commonalities such as music, and dance, our goal is to share the unifying factors that bring all Canadians together, and contribute to building a diverse public for the arts by increasing cohesion in the community and promoting appreciation and awareness of African arts in Ottawa and Ontario.

We realize that there is a great need in our society for education about Africa's contribution to the modern culture, philosophy and art, which is swiftly absorbed and recognized through the artistic collaboration and showcasing of national and international African artists and artisans, who represent both the classical and modern art form.

In order to achieve this goal and address the needs of a multicultural and diverse community, we are committed to providing opportunities for non-citizen Canadian based Africans, African Canadians, Artists with Disabilities, Aboriginal, culturally diverse and otherwise marginalized artists, nationally and locally known to perform in a festival that is designed to be open and inclusive to anyone interested in arts, music and culture and representative of existing and growing multiculturalism in Ottawa.

The Pan AfriKan Coalition of Canada supports all individuals regardless of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and cultural background and the equal treatment of any underrepresented groups in Canada.

This event provides a culturally enriched artistic learning experience for all attendees as well as an opportunity for newcomers to meet people and make valuable and lasting connections. Our audiences have the opportunity to engage in a culturally stimulating experience and interact with our diverse community while contributing to the artistic appreciation and progress in our community and province at large. One of our primary goals is to increase attendance, profitability and social engagement, while our culturally diverse Canadian audiences experience a multitude of art forms that can serve to inspire and encouraged them to become more involved in the arts.


The aim of the African Festival Ottawa is to advance the public’s knowledge of the rich cultural heritage of the performing arts community within its borders and substantiate the preservation of this cultural heritage for the performers, irregardless of the medium in which they choice to preserve it.


Daniel Eji

President / Artistic Director
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    Enock Shikongo

    Vice President
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      Chea Ly

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        Martha Shikudule

        Head of Administration

          Marielle Eji

          Volunteer & Vendor Coordinator

            Benny Paladin

            Coordinator Festival 2019

              OUR TEAM

              President / Artistic Director – Daniel Eji

              Vice President- Enock Shikongo

              Secretary/Tresurer – Chea Ly

              Head of Administration- Martha Shikudule

              Volunteer & Vendor Coordinator – Marielle Eji

              Coordinator Festival 2019 – Benny Paladin