The annual African festival, in Ottawa is to promote and preserve the finest traditions and values of the African culture in its entirety. The festival will showcase accomplished, new and emerging Artists in a forum where the public can experience exceptionally high quality performances, exhibits and exotic culinary presentations without leaving home (National Capital Region).


The aim of the African Festival Ottawa is to advance the public’s knowledge of the rich cultural heritage of the performing arts community within its borders and substantiate the preservation of this cultural heritage for the performers, irregardless of the medium in which they choice to preserve it.


Daniel Eji

President / Artistic Director
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    Enock Shikongo

    Vice President
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      Chea Ly

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        Martha Shikudule

        Head of Administration

          Marielle Eji

          Volunteer & Vendor Coordinator

            Benny Paladin

            Coordinator Festival 2019

              OUR TEAM

              President / Artistic Director – Daniel Eji

              Vice President- Enock Shikongo

              Secretary/Tresurer – Chea Ly

              Head of Administration- Martha Shikudule

              Volunteer & Vendor Coordinator – Marielle Eji

              Coordinator Festival 2019 – Benny Paladin