In this section of our site we intend to introduce you to people you know, some you may not know and some you should know. They are many unsung heroes & sheroes within our communities and then they are some that have the potential to influence the wider community and may never even know. So take this journey with us…….

Leila Lopes- Here is a name and face that we should pay close attention to so that we can gauge the impact of her 2011 win at the 59th Annual Miss Universe Competition.  As we are well aware she is not the first person of colour or African to win this title. Other winners have come from Namibia in 1992 and Botswana in 1999.  We do believe that at a time when the continent of Africa is facing much turmoil and uncertainty it is rather significant that amidst all this the world’s most beautiful women came from this region.

We are well aware that this is a non-partisan, non-political role but with the number of women exceeding that of men particularly in this region it is wonderful to see that the world standard of beauty is in step with this change.

Ms. Lopes is not the first African women to win the title, that honour goes to Margaret Gardiner from South Africa and the honour of the first black women goes to Penny Commissiong of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 1977.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is currently the President of Liberia and the first elected female head of state in Africa.  Johnson Sirleaf has held many positions both in non-governmental and  governmental roles, however her focus was always on fighting for freedom, justice and equality. President Johnson Sirleaf accomplishments are too numerous to mention but the reason for us profiling her on our site is due to her recently receive the 2011 Noble Peace Prize in recognition of all of her tireless efforts.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter hosts an honor cordon for Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at the Pentagon Feb. 25, 2015. (DoD photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Sean Hurt/Released)

The Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace organized by one of this year’s Noble Peace Prize winners Leymah Gbowee. Her Strategy of bringing thousands of women together, irregardless of the their religious beliefs, to petition for change and an end to war proved to be a winning one.  As a result of her commitment to seeing change, for the better, it propelled some of the results that we are seeing in Liberia today. Considering  the worldwide recognition garnered by receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in this area it would further solidify her place in history.

PORTO ALEGRE,RS,09.09.2013- Palestra Fronteiras do Pensamento- ,.Leymah Gbowee ganhadora do prêmio Nobel da Paz 2011, é a conferencista da palestra Fronteiras do pensamento no Salão de Atos da UFRGS – Porto Alegre,RS. Foto:Luiz Munhoz/FatoPress

In mentioning the Prize winner for Peace it would be remiss, if we did not note that 2011 prize will be shared with 2 other women The President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Tawakkol Karman of Yemen.