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Saturday, August 13th
samedi 13 août 2011

Mandy Cuban Tradisong

A group of Cuban musicians (Arien, Danilo & Humbe) plus Dominican percussionist Lenny, led by Mandy Delfín, just got together to bring back to life classical traditional Cuban songs from the 50′s -and even earlier tunes- and mix them with more contemporary songs to have a versatile repertoire of music to dance all night long. Although their main goal is to play traditional Cuban ‘son’ and ‘guaracha’, they are including other beats as ‘merengue’, ‘mambo’, ‘cha-cha-cha’ and some Caribbean and latin rhythms.

For further information or booking please contact Mandy Delfín at (819)329 2800 or
(613) 745 4912, or via www.myspace.com/mandycubantradisong.

Roots Movement Band with special guests 

One of Ottawa’s premiere Caribbean bands that have been able to stand the test of time. They are a versatile group of musicians that  specializing in Roots-Reggae and can be heard every Thursday night at the Rainbow.

Eman is a gifted, multi-talented musician that has a unique ability to move people. He is able to tell stories through his music by singing inspirational and emotional songs that stem from the raw emotion we all feel, but sometimes unable to express.  He is able to play the guitar (Acoustic and African), and drums; such as the djembe and conga, dance; African, hip hop, break dance and complementary. Having experienced various situations like war, genocide, refugee life and then experiencing the affects which range from extreme suffering  to success. He has recognized the way to share these experiences is through his talents that may bring a smile to someone else and  make a difference in their life.  He’s the modern day Warrior!

Groupo K-loque
The K-loque musicians have combined their talents to craft a seamless blend specializing in salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha & reggeaton. They are recognized as one of the most entertaining ensembles in the chamber of the Latin music world today. Formed with the idea of performing and promoting South American and Latin rhythms music, Group K-loque takes pride in their multi-dimensional talents by integrating the strengths and beauty of the timbale, piano, guira, conga, tambora, and guitar. Constantly looking for new materials and collaborations is one of the many features that make them unique.


Nyabyenda Dacosta- Rwandan Dance Troop

To view more of the performances by this spectacular dance ensemble please visit here.

Tito Medina-Latin and Maya Music

Latin and Maya Music with social content TITO MEDINA, Guatemala 1957, is a Singer-Songwriter and an icon for Guatemalan revolutionary music. His voice and musical work started to emerge during the national protests the early 70s on the streets of Guatemala City, rapidly Tito was touring the country side of his native Guatemala with his bands Camino and Grupo Taller, then with the Estudiantina of the University of San Carlos and later with Kin-Lalat Revolutionary Music Ensemble.

Freedom, equality, hope, love and consensus have been Tito’s inspirations across the time. His melodic and passionate voice has been a flag for justice in his native country and in solidarity with peace movements worldwide.

Tito has shared his musical work with numerous audiences in Central America, Mexico, USA, Cuba, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Canada, including the Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg Folk Music Festivals among others.

A singer, a dreamer, an entertainer you won’t forget..

Cobra du Mandigue

Cobra du Mandingue is a percussion group composed of highly talented musicians and dancers from Africa and Canada. The group draws its inspiration from the rich and varied repertoire of rhythms from West Africa, and especially Guinea Conakry. The performances are full of an energy and a « joie de vivre » that are truly irresistible. Founded by Mohamed Diarra, former djembe soloist and artist of the Ballet national Djoliba in 2006, a new version co-founded with Fode Mohamed Soumah (Akra) artist from Ballet Gbassikolo of kaloum, exists since 2009.

The name Cobra was inspired from one of the greatest djembe player in Guinea and Mandingue is the french name for Mandinka people who gained their independence from previous empires in the thirteenth century, and founded an empire which stretched across West Africa.

Empress Nyiringango

Ninette Nyiringango also known as “Empress Nyiringango” or “Nina” hails from Rwanada. At an early age, she discovered a passion that will never leave: the music.

In 1998, she attended the Lycée Notre Dame de Citeaux in Kigali. There she began playing the first notes of the guitar. Therefore, the acoustic guitar became her artistic identity that attracts listeners. She is also an exceptional song writer who has the ability to express her thoughts in French, English, Swahili and Rwanda’s official language Kinyarwanda.

Missy Nina, her artistic name in Rwanda, clings with conviction and courage to music since high school.  She graduated high school in 2001 and entered, purse in hand, at the Institute Superieur de Kigali (KIE) to leave in 2007. She has a degree in the arts.

In 2004, one of her compositions, “Agahinda” which means “Sorrow” in French, won third prize in a competition organized by Rwanda 10 and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and fasters at the Tenth Anniversary of the Commemoration of Genocide in Rwanda.

This propelled her to further notarity among her peers. Between 2005 and 2007, Missy Nina was given the opportunity to record ten songs in collaboration with the best artists and music producers in Rwanda, including her most popular  “Wanaliya” which means “They cry” in French and “Precious Gifts “in collaboration with Tyna Codja, a very talented artists from Benin, currently resides in Holland where she lives with her family.

In 2007 on her arrival in Canada Missy Nina met  various personalities and groups of artists. Faced with a new multicultural world  where the music is an art form, the Rwandan was  passion for music was rejuvenated and her motivation to continue creating music in pursuit of further recognition.

In April, during the tour of the theater troupe Izuba, Missy Nina expressed her grief in the song “Agahinda” in memory of innocent people who perished during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. She continued perform during the year with Mighty Popo at Carleton University and the War Museum in Ottawa.

In May 2008, she won the 2nd prize in a singing competition organized by Chin Radio Ottawa. With a Togolese musician named “Yawo,” she toured several Canadian cities including Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

Patrick Ramsay (Metrika), current manager is passionate about her music, which inspired him to change her stage name from ” Missy Nina” to “Empress Nyiringango” after recognizing the significance of her name. Nyiringango means dignity, respect, strength, and invincible determination.

Now Empress Nyiringango is based in the heart of Canada’s National Capital Region, Ottawa where she continues to sing a unique blend of African music, rhythm Ikinimba, reggae, soul, jazz, blues which are all a part of the world music genre. It is expected that Empress Nyiringango will soon be releasing a full length CD.


The Experimental Group led by Jericho




Sunday August 14, 2011
dimanche 14 août 2011

Big Joe Sierra Leone

Big Joe is among the finest, experienced, and most talented musicians to come from Sierra Leone, West Africa. With two number one hit albums to his name, Big Joe’s tremendous input in the African music industry and phenomenal talent as a performer has made him a well-known musician, song writer producer and one of Sierra Leone’s musical prides. His main goal is to propagate music not only from Sierra Leone but also from the entire continent of African to the United States and the rest of the world, trust me the sky is the limit. Nuff respect to all my fans and fans to be for your efforts, love and support that you have devoted to my career. May God keep us all together in lone peace and harmony through music.


Sarah Kariuki

Sarah Kariuki is a recording artist and songwriter. She has recorded CD’s and DVD’s in English, Swahili and Kikuyu languages.  Sarah performs gospel music songs and is a praise and worship leader. She embraces musical diversities as well as maintaining her Kenyan musical styles. Her music is broad and covers all aspects conducive to positive living. The songs are inspirational and motivating, and will encourage you to think about God’s salvation, his blessings to mankind and his majestic power.

Sarah’s music has been played on radio and television stations. She performs in churches, conferences, schools, crusades, open-air meetings, weddings, and other events. She has been instrumental in participating on musical events held in Canada, USA, Kenya, and other countries.  At her musical performances, Sarah sings with so much energy that she is able to engage her audience in singing along. Her vision is to be an inspiration to many and encourage people through song.

Daniel Kasongo et le village

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